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The Koch Group LLC is a business advisory firm licensed to provide public accounting services. Our primary focus is working with small businesses and their owners to proactively address their business opportunities and assist in their accounting and tax functions.

The Koch Group LLC was born from the belief that small businesses should have access to high quality business advice and exceptional accounting and tax services in a scalable format to match their needs. We make a considerable time investment to thoroughly understand each client’s organization so that we can provide the most comprehensive ongoing business advice to our clients. Our goal is to help our clients establish an efficient approach to fulfilling their accounting and tax reporting obligations while also helping them establish and achieve their goals.

Our Values – We are centered on the core values of Integrity and Excellence. We are a trusted advisor to our clients because we are honest, candid, and fair with an unwavering commitment to quality. With Integrity and Excellence serving as the foundation we are fortunate to have so many long-term relationships with our clients and partners.

Our Beliefs – We believe each business enterprise is unique with inherent complexity. Accounting concepts and tax laws can add to that complexity. The pursuit of simplification is a core tenet of our firm and services. We believe that by striving for simplification a business enterprise can return its focus and resources to its customers and ultimately allow it to achieve its goals.

Our Approach – We are focused on understanding our clients and how they function to ultimately determine how we can best complement the business. We immediately work with our new clients to shore up the most critical areas to establish a strong foundation. From there we work with our clients to identify and pursue opportunities for efficiencies. Over time we seek to help our clients evolve as their businesses and industries evolve.

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